Capitol K9 of Montgomery

Training  is a process not an event

Personal Protection K9


   Unfortunately elements exist in today’s world that are a threat to our personal safety and our peaceful way of life. While police departments certainly try to keep our cities safe, they just can’t be everywhere all of the time. This is why my home is protected from within by loving family dogs that would give their lives to protect my family from any intruder. German Shepherds, Belgium Malinois, and Rottweilers are certainly the most sought after breeds for Personal Protection because of their intelligence, strength and drive.

   Regardless of breed NOT all dogs possess the proper drive and temperament to be a Personal Protection K9.


 Most dogs do however possess an instinctual desire to protect their home and pack. Given the proper training and motivation this “instinct” can be used to create a powerful deterrent to any intruder!