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Training  is a process not an event

Puppy Lessons & House Breaking


   Congratulations on your new furry family member! A new puppy can be such a welcome addition to any family. It does however require a lot attention, exercise, patience boundaries, consistency, discipline and affection.  House training your pup starts the second he/she arrives home. I will share with you the secrets and lessons that will help you get your pup house trained asap!


Choosing the right puppy for your family


Think about the different aspects of your life, i.e.;

your energy level, work schedule, children, free time.

   Also what expectations do you have for your new dog? If you are considering getting a “working breed” dog do you understand the needs of the dog? Working breed dogs need lots of mental as well as physical stimulation. They require a minimum of 2 thirty minute brisk walks everyday. You must keep their huge minds occupied by work related activities. If you do not, your working breed dog will find “work” of his own around your house and yard, such as; chewing, tail chasing, counter surfing, scratching, digging and excessive barking.


Caution: A “working breed” dog which lacks stimuli can also become so frustrated out of boredom that he/she can turn dangerously aggressive!